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LOOk at the reviews BELOW (same review – ONE with our ai)

Which one do you think is going to best capture the interest and trust of a NEW customer?


Quite a difference, right!?
But do not miss this one very important aspect…

ANSWERING the review with a well written response DOUBLES the chances of actually capturing a customer. That is beacuse you are showing INTEREST in current customers! They KNOW you will probably take care of them when they visit you!


3-star-review-with our-ai

Here’s How Your New AI Automated Responses Work*:

*We help you connect your Google Business Profile to our software platform & will automatically import all of your Google reviews into our software platform once you are set up as a customer. We passed all of their very strict requirements to partner with them in gaining access to the reviews and allowing you, the business owner to EASILY modify them. If you are not yet a customer you can still take our platform for a test drive below.

Customers Leaves A New Review

When your customer leaves a review on Google we will automatically pull the review into our software platform. 

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Software Writes A Response

Our software will automatically write a response in YOUR business tone, to the Google review in real time. It even handles NEGATIVE reviews with grace and. class.

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You Review & Approve The Response

The response is sent to you on mobile/desktop to Approve, Re-write or Reject the review. You can also edit ANY part of the response and then post.

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Try it out for yourself – Just type in your business’s name in the field below.

Hit SUBMIT, then watch a few of the newest reviews roll in, while our AI IMMEDIATELY goes to town writing out human-like and empathetic responses – often using the very keywords found in the review, such as “We really liked the Risotto”. That keyword will then be included in the response, making it more personal and engaging.


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